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New Emiliana knicker style – Hipster brief

February 4, 2011

This is one of the new styles of Emiliana knickers! It is a hipster brief – it sits low on your hips and has less coverage at the back, so it’s more revealing than a standard brief. For those who prefer to wear bikini shapes (with seams at the sides), than boyshorts (that have a seam at the front and back, and sit closer into your bottom!), this is a perfect ‘short’ style option. As we all know, knickers are very personal items so it is really important that you chose the style that you feel is the best for you! This pair was made from a stretchy blue t-shirt, light brown lace and trimmed with beautiful check vintage ribbon that came from Italy…bellissimo!! They are now on their way to a very lovely lady in London.

Don’t forget that Emiliana knickers are all handmade to order. Once you have given ideas of a colour and style that you would like, Emma goes in search of the imperfect, un-wanted garment that can be loved-up into a perfect pair of new Emiliana knickers. The knickers are handmade with love and care, to try and provide an alternative to big brand knickers that are made by women on endless lines of sewing machines, carrying out the same task time after time, for hours on end and not much in return – not even gratitude from the women buying the knickers. Lets find a space in our culture to develop more meaningful ways of creating the beautiful things that we would like treasure and use – that create happiness and inspiration in all those involved in making them, not just those who use them….like Emiliana Underwear.

If you would like to place an order, find out more about Emiliana or just say hello, then feel free to email Emma at x x x

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