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Emiliana knickers for Women on Fire!

February 24, 2011

Emiliana knickers are created to challenge ‘business as usual’. They are created to explore the processes, and consequences, of something as simple as a pair of knickers, which we wear everyday- but that we usually take for granted.

How can we preserve precious natural resources? Empower, not exploit, other women? Encourage healthy local communities and economies? Inspire and encourage women’s creativity?

Well, Emiliana is only a small drop in a large pond, but we believe that by re-using unwanted fabrics, using the power of women’s creativity and spreading the opportunity to re-skill women in our local communities, we can reveal the processes surrounding something as simple as creating a pair of knickers – and so empower women to make their own decisions when choosing how or where their knickers are made.

Women on Fire is a wonderful women’s event aimed at empowering women to be decision makers and Emiliana have joined with them to create Women on Fire knickers and make-your-own knickers kits! Check out the new ‘Women on Fire’ page on the Emiliana blog:

Or the Emiliana story on the Women on Fire website:

I hope to see you at Women on Fire on the 23rd April in Westminster!! x x

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