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Women on Fire!!!!

April 25, 2011

On Easter SaturdayI joined with hundreds of other women in the beautiful Central Hall in Westminster, London to be Women on Fire!!!!

It was an awesome, amazing, inspiring, empowering day….we were truly blown away, energised….brought to tears by the incredible stories of equally incredible women who are striving to make our future on Earth  kind, bright and full of love.

We felt truly in sisterhood with all of the women in the room, and all those who weren’t. There was a minutes silence for all the women across the world who do not have a say in their future, and the other minutes were filled to bursting with empowerment for those of us who do.

All of the women who spoke at Women on Fire are beautiful, amazing, and inspiring. I would like to thank all of them for providing such deep insights into the meaningful projects that they all undertake. The women who particularly stayed in my mind are the following:

Elisabet Sahtouris – Elisabet is an internationally known evolution biologist, futurist, author and speaker living in Spain. Elisabet wowed us with a more holistic view of Evolution, grounded in conventional research in cell biology she showed us a cooperative, not competitive, view of biology, evolution and life.

Camila Batmanghelidjh

Founder of children charities – The Place 2 Be and Kids Company

Camila currently works with some of the most traumatised young people living in London. Kids Company was set up in 1996. It employs more than 550 staff, benefits from 7,600 people volunteering annually and reaches 14,000 children a year with therapeutic and social work support in three centres based in Southwark, Lambeth and a newly opened centre in Camden, as well as working in 37 inner-city schools.

International Environmental Lawyer
Polly Higgins is a barrister, author and international environmental lawyer advocating a different approach to preventing the destruction of our planet. Instead of our laws protecting the property rights of the few, we can shift to laws that impose responsibilities, duties and obligations for the benefit of the many. In 2010 she proposed to the United Nations a law of Ecocide, a 5th Crime Against Peace.
Human and Civil Rights Campaigner
Hafsat is a Nigerian human and civil rights campaigner. She is a truly inspiring speaker and brought many of us to tears with her demonstration of strength, light and hope. A real Woman on Fire…..
She is founder of the Kudirat Initiative for Democracy (KIND), which seeks to strengthen civil society and promote democracy in Nigeria. She comes from a family of dedicated Pan-Africanists and courageous fighters for freedom and justice. Her father, Chief Moshood Abiola, won the Presidential election held in Nigeria in 1993 but served out his term in solitary confinement, incarcerated by the military. He died in prison, on the eve of his release in 1995. Her mother, Kudirat, was a democracy leader who organized major strikes, marches, and fought assiduously against the military. In 1996, she was assassinated in the streets of Lagos.

With the end of military rule, KIND now offers organizational support, leadership development and skills training opportunities to women, youths, and community based organizations in Nigeria as well as other countries in Africa.

Madelaine Westwood
Madelaine is Founder of GAFI, an innovative, grass-roots based organisation that promotes great ape conservation by engaging and inspiring people to create local and sustainable solutions to the problems facing great apes and their environments around the world, using fil and pedal powered cinema, particularly in Africa. 
Azul-Valerie Thome 
Food from the Sky
Azul-Valerie Thome is French-Lebanese with a background in arts and crafts. She helped to set up Embercombe, a sustainability centre near Exeter. Her new venture is FOOD from the SKY a  pioneering initiative growing food on the roof of a local supermarket, in Crouch End, London, is a world first. This is a collaboration between Azul’s social enterprise, Positive Earth Project, and Thornton’s Budgens. For more info see:
Long live Women on Fire!!!! x x x x
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  1. April 29, 2011 12:14 pm

    Dear Emma,

    I think it’s Emma! I was at Schumacher as a volunteer between January and April, after returning from a renewable / sustainable land use / textiles art council funded research trip in India. I’m both an eco textile artist and the co founder of anti food waste campaign This is Rubbish.

    you can see my work here

    I just wanted to say hi, and sya thanks for the women on fire post. Really inspirational.

    On a seperate note, we’re looking for people to come and give talks / run conversation circles at our This is Rubbish tour project Feast. If you can think of anyone who’s into democracy, community autonomy, food security, food waste and the arts, please let me know!

    Your knickers are gorgeous.


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