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The Alchemy of Ethical Knickers

October 4, 2011

I make handmade underwear…at the moment, mostly knickers and knicker making kits! (But watch this space….camisoles are on the horizon!)

Each piece is unique and the fabrics, design and fit have been given a degree of thought and attention, not to mention love, that just does not exist in the stores on our high streets.

Many of the materials I use are upcycled which adds another dimension of value to what I make. I source clothing from friends, second-hand clothes stores and fabric stores, carefully scrutinizing each piece of fabric for a long list of qualities; fibre quality, handfeel (touch), quality of stretch, aesthetics, colour, cleanliness, suitability for underwear, and probably many intuitive subtle assessments for intrinsic qualities that are almost unconsciousness due to my long relationship with and love for fabrics.

Therefore..the underwear that I make is not just ‘underwear’…it is not just a product. It is the alchemy of process – a physical sign…memento…gift…remembrance, of a thoughtful journey of ethical process.

What we must remember is that with everything we consume, we don’t just buy what is left in our hands, but also all that has come before it – and all that has happened to every hand, every person, every environment that it (the process) has touched.

With Emiliana, I aim to touch lightly, gently and happily – and so the knickers are not just ‘knickers’ – they are a beautiful testament to a thoughtful, beneficial process. And I believe that this is exactly the way it should be….

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