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New Knicker Making Workshop Dates for 2012!

January 15, 2012

“What Emma/Emiliana does is create hand-made, beautiful and comfortable underwear, “upcycling” high quality fabrics that would otherwise go wasted.

In so doing, she poses questions about how/where we get our clothes, the processes and hands that go into making them, and getting them into our drawers, the impact we have in the world with a simple choice such as buying underwear, the impact these choices have on ourselves and all others.

At the same time, she lovingly, playfully, artfully brings beauty, sacredness and craftswomanship back to people and places where it’s much needed.”

Emma will be hosting make-your-own knicker workshops in Norwich and in London this. The first set of dates are:

Monday 13th February – The Old School Club, Battersea, London (includes childcare)
Tuesday 14th February – The Old School Club, Battersea, London (includes childcare)
Sunday 26th February – Makeplace, Norwich
Saturday 31st March – Makeplace, Norwich
Friday 27th April – Makeplace, Norwich

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  1. Mina Katouzian permalink
    April 22, 2012 9:11 am

    Your ethics and values are great and of course your knickers are fan-knicker-tastic! I really enjoyed your workshop in Oxford and it completely changed my mind about underwear! My experience has often been of being in discomfort; I don’t like the articifical materials, the superfluousness and fashion driven side of women’s underwear. But after your workshop it made me realise that you can still have a thing of beauty which is both simple in design but lovely to look at and comfortable! And what’s more, how exciting to be able to create this yourself. THANK YOU. Your work is great and supporting smaller ethical outlets is definitely the way to go.

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