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Upcycled knicker making in the Czech Republic

October 10, 2012

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Upcycled knicker making with Emiliana knicker making kits is spreading to become a worldwide phenomenon. The wonderful Eva from the Czech republic ordered some knicker making kits, and then locally sourced unwanted stretch clothing and extra lace so that she could host an upcycled knicker making gathering with her and her friends. A big thank you to Eva, for the photos, and for spreading the knicker-making love!! It looks like they had a great time, and the knickers look fabulous. We have now had Emiliana kits being made in England, Scotland, Mexico, Czech Republic, Italy, Austria, Australia…and who knows where else?!? If you would like a order knicker making kits to make yourself, with a group of friends, classmates, colleagues or maybe a community group, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. And if you feel like you need some assistance, then I am also available to host knicker making workshops and demos. Just email me at And please feel free to send me photos of your lovely creations!

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